Thanksgiving Week

Friday, December 5, 2008

I realize that it has been a week since Thanksgiving, and I'm just now getting this post finished. Todd and I both returned sick, but luckily Avery has been spared our illness.

Let's get to the good stuff. We took three days to reach our destination, but enjoyed our stops along the way. The first night we spent at the ranch with Omie and Opa, then we headed on to Dallas to stay with Aunt Casey and Uncle Lane. Finally, we reached Todd's home in Mississippi. Avery was able to meet her family and friends in the South including Ryan, Great Uncle Doug, Great Grandmama, Katy, Mike, and step cousin Rowan. It was a special treat to have Great Uncle Doug and Great Grandmama drive over from Alabama for a visit.

Avery was able to get some quality time in with Gramps and Uncle Mike. Uncle Mike certainly had all the charms to get Avery smiling especially when Aunt Bebe pulled out the camera. Brooke took more amazing shots of our little one. I'm really excited about the pictures we have for the Christmas card this year.

Avery adjusted extremely well to the new faces, new places, and new sleeping environments. The travel time in the car was a different story. The trip there went pretty smooth, but all hell broke loose on the return. We dealt with long bouts of crying in confined quarters. Not fun! During one stop to change Avery's diaper we discovered that she had exceeded the limits of the diaper and beyond. I had to stand in the restroom at the gas station with Todd propping the door open passing me wipes. We went through every wipe we had and then used a couple paper towels. I ended up with poo on my shirt by the time I had finished changing Avery's clothes, etc. (I can't believe I just typed a whole paragraph on poo. It's hard to believe that 5 1/2 months ago I was creating computer models of buildings for design, and now I'm blogging about poo. No complaints though.) Our return to Laredo is bittersweet since we love getting away, but it is nice to be home. Next on the list, decorating for Chritmas!!!
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