Peppermint PJs

Friday, October 11, 2019

Blank Slate Patterns took a pole to determine the most worn items to sleep in. The results showed that the majority sleep in knit tops and woven bottoms. I happen to fall in those category preferences as well, so I'm pretty excited about the newly released Peppermint PJs sewing pattern. 

As a general rule I am pretty cold natured, but for some reason I tend to get very hot at night. Lounge wear may include some pajama pants, but I prefer shorts to sleep in. Thankfully the Peppermint PJ pattern includes options for both pajama pants and boxer style shorts. The pants include a fun cuff option for contrast.

Did I mention there are pockets!?!? Pockets deep enough to fit your phone too. The slant front style means the side seams don't get too bulky. I found the amazing floral cotton lawn at a fabric warehouse in Dallas. The fabric feels and looks Liberty-esque, so they seem like luxury pajama shorts. 

The top included in the Peppermint PJs pattern is a raglan style knit tee with two sleeve lengths, cap and long. Raglan styles sew up quick, and this top style could work equally well for daytime wear. I won't tell if you wear your pjs all day and night if you won't!

The pajama style is intentionally slim without being snug to allow for comfort without things bunching up as we roll around in our sleep. With the holidays around the corner, Christmas pajamas are usually on the list to make, so this is the perfect pattern for sewing up PJs for all the special women in your life.

Disney Beauty and the Beast Outfits

Friday, September 20, 2019

The time has finally arrived for our Disney Trip!! I certainly didn't make as many themed outfits as I originally had ideas for, but I am excited to have these completed. Casual Disney inspired outfits are pretty fun to make. Check out the Mickey Love outfit and Little Mermaid dress from earlier posts. Creating pieces that can be worn as non-Disney looks later thrills me even more.

Book loving Belle is a much loved character. My sister created the vinyl tee decal with her Silhouette machine. What a treat! I didn't really intend on making something to go with it, but when I spotting this embroidered chambray at Joann, I knew it was meant to be.

The free Purl Soho skirt pattern was ideal for this Belle skirt. I was able to break up the border print with the side panels and pockets which allowed me to have one last embroidered piece for Avery's shorts.

Avery's top is the Mini Ogden Cami by True Bias. She's a bit out of the size range in height, so I lengthened everything to accommodate her height. Sadly she's not especially comfortable in this top. I think the straps ended up a bit too short still, so this may be going straight to Tandy for future wear. Thankfully, a yellow tee will look almost as cute with the shorts. The butterfly fabric is an old one by Sandi Henderson.

With only the small big of rose fabric left, I knew I needed a pattern with a good pocket to highlight it. The Modkid Susie shorts were just the thing. The slant pocket is one of my favorite pocket styles, so it sets off the fabric just right. We are so looking forward to our Disney adventure!! 

Esma Little Black Dress

Thursday, September 5, 2019

My adoration of the Esma Top by Blank Slate pattern continues in dress form! After sewing tops 1, 2, and 3, I knew there had to be a dress created from the Esma Top pattern. I can see this little black dress getting tons of wear.

Two styling possibilities came to mind. The un-belted look says casual, daytime to me, so I paired it with flat sandals. 

In this wonderful black rayon challis from Raspberry Creek Fabrics, the Esma dress feels like secret pajamas. The v-neck and sleeve cuffs still keep it looking sleek.

Add the belt and heels, and this dress is ready for date night! I've also worn the dress belted with the flat sandals for a day at the museum. That day included a long road trip, and the dress and fabric held up well throughout the day without becoming too wrinkled. 

I kept my original adjustments of adding 1" at the waist and a sway back adjustment, then I cut the pattern at the hip and dropped it down mid knee. I did another muslin check just to be sure it would clear the full width of my hips, and all was good. Be sure to account for the dress being a bit shorter when belted.

Finally, I lengthened the back a bit more than the front and added a split hem for an interesting detail. I have so many Esma hack ideas swirling in my head, so I'm sure this won't be the last!

Esma Top by Blank Slate Patterns

Friday, August 30, 2019

I had the privilege of sewing and photographing the cover sample for the Esma Top by Blank Slate Patterns. As an added bonus, I was able to sew for and photograph a friend of mine. 

Tiffani is a wife, mother, author, encourager, and business builder. She is motivating women in every way she can, but particularly on Instagram. She is gaining confidence in this period of growth and passing it on!! She was gracious enough to share her talents with us through a photo shoot. 

She wears the Esma so well!! This sample was a dream to sew. The fabric is hemp/organic yarn dyed stripe from Imagine Gnats. They just restocked the fabric in the shop, and that plum is calling to me. The fabric is easy to sew, and lightweight enough for these super high Texas temps.

With vertical stripes, I didn't have to concern myself much with stripe matching. I did make sure to have the same double stripe at the center front and center back. The change in direction of the stripes at the sleeve cuffs makes an subtle contrast. For Tiffani's top, I shorted the length by 1/2" and did a sway back adjustment like the one here

Esma Top by Blank Slate Patterns

Thursday, August 29, 2019

Another collaborative effort with Blank Slate Patterns has come to fruition. Meet the Esma Top. If you have ever wanted a woven tee with interesting details, this is the pattern! The pattern includes three views, and is one of those that has lots of opportunities to hack. I already have 3 in my closet plus one I made for a friend.

This shorter, not quite cropped, version features a waist band with a keyhole and tie. I don't have many truly high waisted jeans, but I love this top styled with high waisted pants. I shared on Instagram that my favorite trick for avoiding plaid matching is to turn the pattern piece on the bias. 

This skirt did the trick for me. The sleeve is an attached cuff with a dropped shoulder. Not only is it easy to sew, but the finish is so nice. 

The perfectly shaped V-neck is sewn with a facing. The plaid fabric is a shirting from the Doodles line at Joann Fabrics. 

The belted view is actually my favorite. The optional belt gives nice shaping to the top.

The pattern includes instructions for attaching the tie to the center back of the bodice for a permanent hold. Otherwise, leave it loose for more wearing options.

The fabric for the belted top is a Robert Kaufman Chambray. The only adjustments I made to the pattern were to lengthen at the waist 1" and a sway back adjustment. The first method in this video for a sway back adjustment worked so well for me.

Funny story about the naming of the pattern. Our group originally called it the Mesa Top, and it may forever be stuck in my head that way. During development, we discovered another pattern by that name. I took pencil to paper rearranging the letters, and the Esma was born. I also love that another arrangement would be "seam". Wouldn't it be fun to have a pattern line that was sewing terms rearranged?!? 
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