Boba Tea Party 11th Birthday

Thursday, October 27, 2022


For her 11th birthday, Tandy waffled between a small sleepover and a larger group party for weeks. About 2 weeks out she declared she wanted a boba party. I was skeptical on how we would pull it off at first, until I started thinking of it as a Boba Tea Party. We quickly latched on to the idea of a par-tea and plans started taking shape.

The boba party decor is very simplistic. The "Let's Par-tea" balloon banner from Amazon set the stage. I used my Silhouette cutting machine to create the boba cup garland. The Boba Tea plush pillows made cute additions that have now transitioned to Tandy's bed. 

I never before considered how many ways you can use boba! We provided 3 flavors of popping boba to top bowls of ice cream, and topped fruit salad cups with tapioca boba pearls. Both versions of boba are delicious, and I highly recommend adding them to fruit for a special treat. We served sliders, pigs in a blanket, and Chex mix for savory sustenance too.

I really debated on the best way to serve the bubble boba tea. There are tons of homemade recipes online, we probably could have called our favorite local boba shop to cater, and World Market sells a canned option. After a comparative taste test of prepacked boba tea for ease and cost savings, we settled on Joyba Bubble Tea. The Joyba Tea comes with cute packaging and an extendable straw attached. 

In addition to the popping boba topped ice cream, there had to be cake. Tandy loves to look over my shoulder at a few of her favorite bakers in my Instagram feed. One of those is Sugar and Sparrow, and she happens to have a Sweet & Salty Pretzel Nutella Cake Recipe. Tandy loves those side by side pretzel Nutella snacks, so this was an easy choice. I made a double batch of cake in order to have 4 (6") layers (We have two layers in the freezer for a later use). After stacking the cakes, I trimmed down the sides, so the cake is a bit narrower at the base. The top "lid" of the cake is the original frosting color. I added additional brown coloring to achieve the tea shade for the majority of the cake. The boba pearls are actually licorice drops. Our local tea shop gave us an extra straw to use as the cake topper. While the cake tasted delicious, the tall skinny shape made slicing a bit of a disaster, so be warned.

A game and a craft are activities we try to include at every birthday party. The Etsy shop HooHoo & Mouse created a custom listing for us with their Boba Magnet craft kit. We didn't need the paint and did need extra wood boba pieces. I really appreciated their quick and accommodating customer service. The tiny boba pieces proved a bit challenging for the 11 year olds to paint, but their creativity showed through regardless. 

I once again transformed one of our cornhole boards to fit a party theme by covering it in brown wrapping paper; last time was for Tandy's Cherry On Top party. After I drew out a cup of tea, Tandy shaded in the tea with pink chalk and the straw with green. Then, we glued on felt circles for boba. The Boba Toss for candy or bouncy ball prizes was a hit.

Tandy had fun assembling the boba tea party favors for each guest as the RSVP's rolled in. She filled 24oz wide mouth mason jars for boba with tissue paper and cute boba stickers. We used the free boba bes-teas svg to create vinyl decals for each glass and personalized the lid.

Each year I think, "This will be the last big birthday party." Tandy has other ideas. Once she gets in the party planning mode, one thing leads to another. She actually started her list of ideas before I committed to anything. I can't wait to see the parties she plans in her future.

Very Peri Pantone Party

Monday, February 21, 2022

In the whirlwind that has characterized the start to 2022, did you catch the latest color announced by Pantone as the color of the year? It's Very Peri, "encompassing the qualities of the blues, yet at the same time possessing a violet-red undertone." As a huge fan of lavender, I can appreciate Very Peri as a close cousin.  

With the announcement of the color of the year, Project Run + Play hosts an event that combines patterns from their shop with fabrics featuring the Pantone color theme. Last year, I participated in the Pantone Party featuring Illuminating and Ultimate Gray. This year, I was paired up with Goldie Olding Fabrics for my stop on the Very Peri Pantone Party Tour.

My kids reach for their soft knit wardrobe pieces 9 times out of 10, so that's where I focused my fabric and pattern search. After landing on the Violet Squiggle Bamboo French Terry, I knew it would be the perfect base for these pieces. The squiggles lean a little closer to the violet/red undertones, but it's close enough. As coordinates, I opted for Tangerine Bamboo French Terry and Black MicroModal and Supima Cotton Jersey. The tangerine comes across more coral in my opinion than what I would traditionally associate with tangerine. Once the fabrics arrived, I was a tad jealous that they wouldn't be for me. 

Avery basically lives in sweatshirts and joggers or leggings these days. With track practice starting, she also needs them for layering to and from the track. Keeping that in mind, I created a set using the Jingle Joggers and the Chromium Cropped Hoodie

Color blocking is my favorite way to customize any pattern, because it is simple to execute and makes a big impact. The Jingle Jogger pattern already includes the side stripe detail in the pattern, so I kept those as is. I love that the pattern includes a pocket option even when you make use of the stripe detail. Avery still fits in the size 12, but I needed to add 2 1/4" in length. As a result, I had to piece together a strip long enough to create the side stripe. Thankfully that squiggle fabric really disguises the seam!

The custom color blocking came into play with the Chromium Hoodie pattern. I split the front and back bodice into two pieces and the sleeves into three. a little contrast goes a long way, and I love the impact the tangerine has even though it's only a small section of the sleeve. I added 2 1/2" to the bodice for a slightly longer cropped length, then added cuffs to the sleeves that are not part of the original pattern. 

While the color blocking for the Chromium Hoodie was simple with straight lines, I knew I wanted a little something extra when it came to this Story Dress. Adding a rainbow arc employs the same techniques as a straight color block, but it's important to keep those seams lined up to avoid any waviness. 

Once again the contrast pieces are minimal but create a pop of color that adds a little extra to the overall look. Tandy is prone to eczema especially in the winter months, so she prefers nothing restrictive on her arms. The puffed lantern style sleeve meets her needs and provides an adorable silhouette. 

As you can see we had quite a bit of fun for our Pantone Party, and you can join too!

Here's how the Pantone Party sew along will work:

1. Sew something for kids with any shade of purple fabric.

2. Join the party by linking it up at Project Run + Play or using the hashtag #prppantoneparty2022 on Instagram or Facebook.

Ghoul's Night In 10th Birthday

Tuesday, November 9, 2021

Tandy has hit the double digit milestone! For her 10th birthday, she wanted a small sleepover with two girls from her new school and to get her ears pierced with her neighborhood friend. Her wishes were granted! 

As soon as we arrived at the idea of a Ghouls Night In theme for the sleepover, I started scheming. Even for a party of 3, I couldn't resist diving into details.

The cake was by far my favorite creation. It was loosely inspired by this ghost cake by @cakemecarrie. Tandy's cake was a 3 layer oval, orange flavored cake with vanilla frosting, orange creamsicle if you will. The ghosts are created using candy melts smeared on wax paper with the back of a spoon, similar to these. The Boo topper was a last minute addition created with my Silhouette machine and a kabob skewer. 

Sugar cookies were another must have. The cutter came from Target, and I combined my own sprinkle mix. Again, I find inspiration elsewhere for just about everything. 

Target also came through with Halloween themed circus cookies and ghost peeps (Tandy's favorite of all the treats).

For the non-sweet snacks, we provided string cheese, cheese puffs, and mandarin oranges.

The ceramic ghosts were such a fun find at Home Goods. The smaller one housed a kitchen sink sponge, but we had a better idea. The black/white and pink pumpkins came from Target. They were out of orange velvet pumpkins, but my mom found some at Hobby Lobby. We painted the stems gold to coordinate better with the pink variety from Target. 

The fun bunting was cut from old book pages using my Silhouette machine. I created her shirt and dollar store pizza pan sign using a cut file from DetailsbyMe on Etsy

I printed and cut using the Silhouette software for the first time with these party favor tags. How fun are the glow in the dark ghost pop it's?!? I'm not sure I get the craze for every variety of pop it, but I am a fan of a cute one that is theme appropriate. 

 Happy 10th year Tandy!!
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which I will in turn use to share more inspiration with you.**

Hey June Fairmount Shacket

Friday, October 8, 2021

It's been so long since I've posted on my personal blog that I almost forgot how. When the queen of button down patterns has a new release, it's a good excuse for a new blog post. The Fairmount Shacket by Hey June Handmade is part shirt and part jacket for the ideal layering piece. It features a dropped shoulder, front button placket, back pleat, and sleeve cuffs. 

My favorite feature is the convertible collar. This is my first time sewing one, and prior to the pattern test, I didn't even know the name for it. "Convertible or Non-Convertible: refers to whether the collar changes shape when it is closed with the top buttons or the buttons are open; or non-convertible, which keeps the same shape regardless." I was second guessing how neat the result would be as I went through the sewing process, but Adrianna nailed it again with a good design.

I made a size 8 with no adjustments. Typically, I add 1/2" to Hey June patterns for my height, but was so eager to get cutting that I forgot this time. I'm pretty pleased with where this hits, but a longer style would be cute too. I'm 5'-9" for reference. As Adrianna notes, "Shackets are meant to be worn as outerwear or layering pieces, so they have more ease than a shirt and can also be slightly longer."

As with any button down shirt I've sewn, this is not a quick sew. Details like pocket flaps, cuffs, collars, plackets, and buttonholes slow down the process. There are 11 pattern pieces after all. I would not say that any step is particularly difficult however. Invest the time, and the result will be worth it. 

The Fairmount Shacket is designed for lighter to midweight apparel wovens, such as flannel, double cloth, or corduroy. I've used a mid weight poly cotton shirting fabric from my great aunt's stash. Can you believe what she paid for this?!? This fabric has very little drape contributing to an exaggerated oversized look. The design is intended to be oversized, but more drape in the fabric would mean it sits closer to my body. I used my favorite trick of turning the pocket and flap on the bias to avoid pattern matching and add some variety in the print.

Be sure to grab the Fairmount Shacket pattern while it is on sale through Sunday, October 10th. 

** This post contains affiliate links.  By purchasing through my links, I receive a small compensation 
which I will in turn use to share more inspiration with you.**

Pantone Party 2021

Friday, March 19, 2021


Project Run and Play is hosting a party with a theme this month, and you know how I love a good party theme! Welcome to my stop on the Project Run and Play Pantone Party 2021 tour featuring fabrics from Fabricworm. In exchange for Project Run and Play patterns and Fabricworm fabric, I had the opportunity to create a look my daughter would love. The only constraint was that the color scheme had to revolve around the Pantone colors of 2021, Ultimate Gray and Illuminating.

Illuminating is such a bright, sunny shade, so it easily set the tone of my look. First, I dusted off my dormant applique skills and had some fun with the FREE Book Bag pattern. The sunny arches are Squeeze Cones in yellow by Dana Willard appliqued on Essex Canvas in steel. I finished off the tote with a vinyl decal phrase that perfectly suits the sunny fabric as well as my daughter's disposition. The Book Bag Tote has so much scrap busting potential since it only require 1/2 yard of fabric. I can see making a bunch of these to use as gift bags with my neglected stash of quilting cottons.

Once we had the perfect beach/pool tote, I set out to make a swim cover up to complete the ensemble using the Ultramarine Coverup pattern. I love that this pattern works for woven as well as knit fabrics. 

I opted for the hooded coverup version with an elastic casing to cinch at the middle creating a bit of shaping. For my daughter's chest size, I had to add 3" in length for the perfect mid thigh look of a cover up, but a bit short for a dress. 

I love the Squeeze line by Dana Willard so much that I used another print here for the coverup. The Floral in Eggshell combined nicely with Birch Organic mod basic grey. I used the center panel of the hood, shoulder pieces, and elastic casing as contrast. By the way, I am dying to get my hands on some of the Squeeze lemon fabric!!

It's only the beginning of spring, and this daughter is ready for summer! Pool time here we come!

Project Run and Play wants you to join the party too!! Grab some yellow and/or gray fabric and sew along! Find the giveaway details over at Project Run and Play.

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