Striped Modked Shelby Peplum

Tuesday, March 19, 2019

Playing with stripes is satisfying and frustrating at the same time! The keys are lots of pins and patience! The Modkid Shelby is the perfect place to start since the bodice already has a center seam in place. The v neckline works well with the direction of the stripes also.

The stripes are not exactly uniform on this cotton lycra print. That and the curved of the skirt pattern pieces led to the stripes not perfectly aligned along the waist seam. There is enough illusion there to get the desired effect though. 

The Modkid Shelby is a dress pattern with an a-line skirt. Placing pattern pieces on the bias hogs fabric, so I opted for a peplum look by cutting the skirt at the desired length ~ 9". Create the center skirt seam by not cutting the pattern piece on the fold and adding in a seam allowance along the center seam. I cut the skirt pieces on the bias front and back, but kept the back bodice on the straight grain.

This was one of those photoshoots that the girl, the light, and my camera (or the operator?) did not want to cooperate. So, 3 cheers for a few acceptable shots and a finished session!
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Modkid Shelby

Friday, March 1, 2019

Fun twists and ties are popping up all over ready to wear clothing these days. Modkid just released the Shelby knit dress pattern with 12 different variations to make, 6 of which include a fun tie detail. The Modkid Shelby can be made as a crop top or dress in 3 different sleeve lengths. The pattern comes in Girls and Tween/Teen sizing.

The skirt is an a-line cut.

The center bodice seam and the ties offer opportunities for cool colorblocking.

The instructions for the neckbinding and tie hemming give very professional results.

 Lightweight fabrics will give the best results when it comes to the ties. I used rayon spandex from Amelia Lane Designs. It was a tad tricky to sew, but placing tissue paper under the fabric while I stitched prevented my machines from eating the fabric. I may need to go back and reinforce the waist seam just to be on the safe side. The brushed poly for Amelia Lane would be perfect alternative.

I would characterize the Shelby dress or top without the ties as a very beginner friendly knit sewing pattern. The ties add another layer of difficulty that a confident beginner could handle. Be sure to check out the other Modkid Shelby tester photos to see the variety of views.

Coupon code SHELBY40 gets you 40% off your entire purchase on the Modkid site (expires 03/01/19 at midnight EST)

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Blank Slate Novelista

Wednesday, February 27, 2019

I posted a flat lay of this Blank Slate Novelista Shirt on Instagram the other day with some thoughts on how creating often leads to worshiping my Creator. The comments on that post just solidified those thoughts even more. When we create we are echoing what our Creator did in making this wide world and everyone in it. We are made in His image with this amazing ability to create. I firmly believe every human being has the ability to be creative. I can identify creativity in my friends in areas like their handwriting, exercise, parenting style, store displays, writing, cooking or teaching. I hope you take time to explore and develop your gift while acknowledging the Giver who deserves all the glory. This is where the worship comes in!

When Indie Sew announced this year's Shirt Month, I knew it was time to participate and sew my first button up shirt. I settle on Blank Slate Novelista because of the classic style and princess seams. I worked really hard on my pattern placement, so those princess seams would nearly disappear with the stripe alignment.

I didn't want to fiddle with placket alignment, so I cut the placket on the bias to eliminate the need for stripe matching and add a design element. The fabric is a chambray plaid from my great Aunt's stash. She had some great shirting fabrics! I plan on pairing this shirt with white jeans for the spring. I really wish I had pulled them out for these photos.

I did a few adjustments to get the fit right. Thankfully I was able to consult with Melissa for a few tips! The length was the biggest adjustment. I added 1.5" to the bodice pieces and 1/2" to the sleeves. I narrowed the shoulders 1/4" at the princess seams and did a forward shoulder adjustment. This was all so new to me!

The biggest benefit to sewing a button up shirt for myself was button placement. I have a low bust apex meaning the widest part of my bust falls lower than where most clothing is designed for. Button up shirts are ALWAYS gaping open in an inappropriate way. By sewing my own, I am able to strategically place a button exactly at my bust apex to prevent that dreaded gaping.  

Since I lengthened the shirt to hit more at my hips, I ended up with some pooling at the back with my muslin. I added some width to the center back to reduce the effect. I could probably scoop some out with the princess seams, but this amount doesn't bother me at all. 

I used Heather Handmande's professional collar tip and Mie's topstitching tip for sewing the collar. It came together much easier than I had envisioned. Allie, Indie Sew, shares some time saving button sewing tips in her Instagram highlights too.

I am eager to try out a few other button up shirt patterns now to practice other techniques. I wasn't a huge fan of the sleeve placket here, so I'd like to try out another method. The Hey June Cheyenne is next on my list of button-up shirts to try. Do you have a favorite?
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Pink Simplicity #8790

Tuesday, February 19, 2019

More cozy sewing happening over here! You know my love for the Toaster Sweater, so as soon as Sew House Seven announced their latest pattern released with Simplicity Creative Group, I added it to my need to sew list. The pattern is Simplicity #8790, and it includes 4 views.

As often as I wear my Hey June Halifax, I knew I needed another casual sweatshirt in my wardrobe. Two of the views on the Simplicity 8790 are considered dress length and two are top length. This is view C in french terry fabric. I started with the dress length knowing it would not end up dress length on me due to my height. I opted not to add length hoping to end up with more of a tunic. Taking the advice of my husband, I ended up removing about 2" from the bottom hem. The look was just too in between dress and tunic. The resulting length gives a nice tunic look that covers my rear when worn with leggings.

The hood is a comfortable, relaxed style. I purchased the french terry while warehouse shopping with friends. One instantly pointed to the pink and declared it my color. I'm a fan of pink, but don't have much in my closet. I knew if I didn't use it for me, I'd certainly use it for my girls. After making Tandy's Valentines sweatshirt, I had plenty left to give this a try.

The pocket is GIANT with nice rounded openings at the side seams. The curved hem is just right for the style. I highly recommend marking your stitch lines for the pockets clearly. I attached these with my coverstitch and managed to keep the lines somewhat straight. Just don't look too close! Also, be sure to check out the tip in this post

I am also a hug fan of the neckline with the overlapping hood. I am eager to try the top length with this neckline/hood next. By the way, I'm totally a team PDF (I prefer PDF patterns over paper patterns), but it's nice to mix things up every once and a while. It's fine to have a preference, just don't let it hold you back!

Non-Candy Dollar Store Valentine with Free Printable

Tuesday, February 12, 2019

Just in time for your last minute class valentines, I have a free printable valentine for your use! Not only is the printable free, but the supplies can be purchased at the dollar store. 

We found these multicolored neon gel pens at Dollar Tree, but highlighters would be just as fun. Since Amazon Prime is our friend, here's another option for neon gel pens. I'm a firm believer in having washi tape on hand at all times, so be sure to grab a few rolls whenever possible. (For all my sewing friends, here's a few more reasons to stock up on washi tape!)

Here’s what you need to do:
  • Click below to download your Valentines.
  • Purchase Neon Gel Pens or Highlighters- I used gel pens from Dollar Tress, but we love the Sargent brand when it comes to art supplies.
  • Print Valentines on heavy cardstock.
  • Cut out your Valentine cards using scissors or a paper cutter.
  • Adhere your pens to the card with a washi tape.

There you have it! Super fun, super cute and super easy.

I've created a generic file for you in Canva to print and use. Enjoy!
** This post contains affiliate links. By purchasing through my links, I receive a small compensation which I will in turn use to share more inspiration with you.**
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