Non-Candy Dollar Store Valentine with Free Printable

Tuesday, February 12, 2019

Just in time for your last minute class valentines, I have a free printable valentine for your use! Not only is the printable free, but the supplies can be purchased at the dollar store. 

We found these multicolored neon gel pens at Dollar Tree, but highlighters would be just as fun. Since Amazon Prime is our friend, here's another option for neon gel pens. I'm a firm believer in having washi tape on hand at all times, so be sure to grab a few rolls whenever possible. (For all my sewing friends, here's a few more reasons to stock up on washi tape!)

Here’s what you need to do:
  • Click below to download your Valentines.
  • Purchase Neon Gel Pens or Highlighters- I used gel pens from Dollar Tress, but we love the Sargent brand when it comes to art supplies.
  • Print Valentines on heavy cardstock.
  • Cut out your Valentine cards using scissors or a paper cutter.
  • Adhere your pens to the card with a washi tape.

There you have it! Super fun, super cute and super easy.

I've created a generic file for you in Canva to print and use. Enjoy!
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Taos Top by Threadbear Garments

Tuesday, February 5, 2019

When one of your sewing and styling idols posts a testing call, you only debate for half a second if you have time to participate. Then, you wait on pins and needles for the acceptance email. Needless to say, I am thrilled Threadbear Garments has joined the pattern designing industry. The new Taos Top is a simple yet stylish design. 

The pattern includes two views with options that you can mix and match. This view includes the mock neckband and curved hem. The pattern also features options for a cowl neck and mitered hem. 

The fit of the princess seam style is fitted at the bust and more a-line toward the waist and hips, so it skims all the right places. I made the size 8 adding 1.5" in length. The only adjustment I feel like I may need to make is one for a forward shoulder. I haven't needed this before, but I think it may eliminate some of the drag lines around the neck I see in the photos. This is a midweight knit, but I'm not entirely sure where I got it. I really need to find a better way of tracking my stash!

I can't leave this post without noting the quality of the pattern. I was basically blown away by Leslie's attention to detail, beautiful layout (yes, a pattern layout can be beautiful), and overall intentionality of the pattern. Leslie didn't skimp on her first pattern to hit the market. The Taos top checks all of the boxes for easy to follow instructions, detailed illustrations, and polished product.

Valentine's Day Modkid Annika

Friday, February 1, 2019

Valentine's inspired sewing projects that last all year are the best kind. The Modkid Annika sweatshirt sewing pattern was the perfect starting out point for our look. This isn't just any old giant heart, however. 

It is a giant heart made with Sherpa fabric from Joann's making it the softest heart imaginable. And, doesn't a little added texture go a long way?!?

This Sherpa fabric started off as a cozy sweatshirt for me, but three quarters of the way through the making, I realized I was going to look like a giant marshmallow. Not good! Every time Tandy came into the sewing room, she would pet the fabric, so I knew anything with a bit of that Sherpa on it would be a hit with her. I have enough Sherpa for about 100 of these hearts, so I have to figure out another way to use the fabric eventually.

Tandy, at seven, still sleeps with a minky lovey, and usually wants it up close to her face. She gravitates toward anything super soft. Sewing allows me to incorporate those special touches that make each item unique and also uniquely tailored to my daughters' favorite things. What type of thing do you or would you include to personalize a garment?

I have to admit, it was hard to capture the texture of that white heart on this bright day! I wasn't sure Sherpa fabric would work well for an applique, but I had no trouble. Using stabilizer on the the wrong side of the pink french terry fabric and heat-and-bond to secure the Sherpa heart, made the application easy. The only thing I would suggest is sew a bit further in from the edge of the Sherpa fabric to ensure you are grabbing it and not just the fluff of the texture. The stitches practically disappear in the loft of the fabric!

Tandy is becoming quite the fashionista. She picked the perfect shoes to wear then, insisted we bring this envelope cross-body purse as an accessory. This purse is on its last leg, so maybe my next project should be an new one!

One last close up to highlight my favorite feature of the Modkid Annika Sweatshirt pattern. That lap neck detail makes me swoon.
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which I will in turn use to share more inspiration with you.**

His and Hers Sunglasses Cases With Heart Tags

Tuesday, January 29, 2019

Want to take my quilt-as-you-go sunglasses case tutorial to the next level!?! Add a super sweet label! I purchased these labels with a store credit provided by the shop, and Dutch Label Shop is offering you a discount as well. Use coupon code sweeterthancupcakes15 for 15% off your order. The coupon code is valid for 60 days. I do not receive any commission for these sales. The labels I received are wonderful, and I hope you have the chance to incorporate some in your work as well. As soon as I received new labels from Dutch Label Shop, I knew I needed a quick project to highlight them. 

The side seam tags are my absolute favorite!! Won't they be a sweet addition to the side seam of one of my daughters' dresses!?! That's a lot of exclamation points. I'm just excited to have visible evidence of the love I sew into each garment I make for them. I used the center fold tag option in the Dutch Label Shop and made sure to note the direction of the heart for a side seam label. 

The other tag I ordered was for me alone. I have a few "Sweeter Than Cupcakes" tags, so I thought a tag reserved for myself would be fun. Since becoming an Aunt, my family nickname became Coco. So much more classy than "Court" don't you think? To create the design for the tag, I used Canva's free logo templates. So simple!

My husband is often fielding questions about whether I sew for him. I did make him boxers ages ago, but I admit I don't regularly sew for him. I figured a solid brown chambray sunglasses case would be manly enough. The coordinating lining just happens to look a bit like eyes. I couldn't pass that up! To keep the case on the masculine side, but still tag it with some love, I put the heart tag inside the case lining. Now he'll get a little reminder each time he reaches for his shades.

Modkid Sierra Jumper

Wednesday, January 23, 2019

The sewing pattern scene for tweens and teens isn't as broad as some of the other size ranges, so we get pretty excited with every Modkid pattern that is released with juniors sizing. When the style is as on trend as the new Modkid Sierra Jumper pattern, it is sure to be a hit with this crowd. 

The initial photo inspiration we saw during the pattern development had only 4 buttons. According to Avery, six buttons made all the difference in the world. Her initial skepticism quickly dissipated as soon as she tried this on completely styled. She begged to wear it to church the next day!

This is what excites me about sewing for my tween! I can customize the fit for my tall and slim girl, create modern styles while keeping them as modest as I like, and make her something no one else will be buying in the store. Have you checked out the Tween/Teen Modkid patterns lately?

My rival college happens to have burnt orange as a school color. My dad has always insisted the use of the color is basically against family rules, so we are calling this a nice rust color and counting on that granddaughter charm to persuade him. Bottomweight fabrics like corduroy, denim, and suiting are perfect for the Modkid Sierra.

The patch pocket detail is one of those things you are convinced won't turn out as you are sewing, but after a good press it magically responds just as intended. 

The back rectangle rings and buttons/snaps on the Sierra Jumper make the length adjustable. The pattern includes instructions for additional buttons to accommodate growth too. Since we didn't have much room for growth anyway, I secured the buttons without a buttonhole. 

The crossover style makes for a unique wrap dress that provides style, coverage, and easy dressing.

Be sure to join the Modkid Facebook Group for more inspiration on the Modkid Sierra Pattern. The testing group even included a teen that made her own jumper!

Coupon code SIERRA40 gets 40% off your entire Modkid purchase. The code expires in 24 hours from the release time, so hurry!
** This post contains affiliate links.  By purchasing through my links, I receive a small compensation 
which I will in turn use to share more inspiration with you.**

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