Hello and welcome to Sweeter Than Cupcakes! My name is Courtney. I am a follower of Jesus Christ, a wife to the most incredible man, and a stay at home mom to two beautiful girls. When I left the corporate world to stay home with my two daughters, I found my strengths as a structural engineer lent themselves to an even greater joy found in the technical, mathematical, and artistic demands of sewing. A six month old daughter, an encouraging Mom, and a very old hand-me-down sewing machine came together at the perfect time providing inspiration for what is now a passionate hobby. Over 9 years later, with updated machines, a supply of tools, and endless motivation from favorite designers, I am sewing daily and always looking for new challenges. I love to blog about my sewing adventures. More recently, I became an assistant for Patty Young of MODKID where I host sew-alongs, provide tutorials, and share lots of Modkid inspiration God has granted me a very sweet life, sweeter than cupcakes. I hope you can stay for a while and enjoy what you find.

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