While I Was Out and 9 Month Update

Tuesday, March 31, 2009

While I was away last weekend, Todd and Avery entered their first race together. Todd was such a responsible father. Check out how well he bundled her up. By all accounts, they both had a great time for their first 5k. Here is Justin on the left, Nick on the right, and of course Todd and Avery in the middle.
Todd was the only one out there with a baby, so he enjoyed lots of attention. He was even interviewed by a local television personality.Here is more of the gang. (Troy, Justin, Randy, Todd, Nick, Sean). Avery looks like she is sleeping, but I think she stayed awake for the whole event.Our 9 month check up went well this morning. Avery now comes in at 28.75 inches and 22 pounds. Her weight has held steady recently which drops her back to 90%, and her heights puts her at 80%.
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