Wonderful Weekend

Wednesday, March 4, 2009

We were up in San Antonio for the weekend celebrating Aunt Carolyn's 60th birthday. I did the cake and some cupcakes for her. I tried a new buttercream recipe that was delicious. Of course, how could something with chocolate ganache and Godiva liqueur not be good?!?Avery wore her new outfit even though I had to squeeze her into the pants. (Sorry for the really bad picture.) Today she is back to sleeping in her own bed. Apparently, she rolled over to have some fun with her toys before drifting off to sleep.
We had the appointment with a neurologist yesterday, but we don't really have anything new to report. They want us to have a 3D CT scan done of Avery's skull before they rule anything out. The condition they are concerned about is that some of the plates in Avery's skull have started to fuse together too early. The doctor does not seem overly concerned, but would not give us a clean bill of health without the scan. Keep sending up those prayers when you can.
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