Party Time

Sunday, April 26, 2009

We made it to our friend Lily Belle Brockman's first birthday party this weekend. Here is the beautiful birthday girl chatting with her Aunt Rachel (Fancy).The little ones had fun playing in the pinata prizes.Avery was finally able to meet Nathan Player; although, she did give him a scare with her excited screams. I'm a little jealous to say that he is closer to crawling at 6 1/2 months, than Avery is at 10.
Here is the birthday girl with her own mini Eiffel Tower cake.
And, here is the big one. Katy did such an awesome job with the cake, party, and decorations. We had tons of fun!


  1. Those are all such great pics!!! I love the one of Nathan and Avery! Do you think you could email the group kids photo? For some reason I couldn't click on that one.

    Loves seeing you guys!


  2. Yes, I got your message and thanks for the link to this post with the pictures. It helps to see the proportions of the "wings" to the child. My daughter is almost 6, but thin, and I don't want them to over power her face, so think I will cut them back somewhere in between what the tutorial said and the measurements you gave.


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