Thursday, August 20, 2009

Avery played pretend with us for the first time tonight. She repeatedly grabbed something off of the back of the bathtub, put it in her mouth, and handed it to one of us. We in turn put it in our mouth, handed it back to her, and she put it in her mouth. I'm pretty sure if she could talk, it would have gone something like this, "Let's pretend we are at the bakery and I'm picking out cupcakes. I take a bite then hand it to you. You take a bite then hand it back to me, and I'll finish it." At least she has good taste. All I know for sure, she was signing "more" as I was taking her out of the tub. Avery was not ready to be done with her fun and games for the night.

So I don't leave you with a picture free post, here are a few from Avery's weekend at the ranch. There was bonding time with Opa.And, early morning swing time in her pj's.

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