Christmas Dress

Wednesday, November 11, 2009

Avery's Christmas dress is about the only thing completed for the holidays so far. I'm hoping that by finishing this we will be able to get photos taken and Christmas cards ordered before life gets too crazy with the other preparations. This is the Modkid Isabel pattern by Patty Young using mostly Michael Miller fabrics. The green ruffle is Kate's Wish by Jennifer Paganelli. I've also made a stocking for Avery with the left over fabric. I found the instructions at sew4home. I still plan on adding the pom poms to the stocking crown.


  1. I love this dress and stocking, so cute! I was just looking at stocking patterns, I'll have to check this out!

  2. My word Courtney. You are such a very good sewer! I love everything on this first page of your blog! I love more than anything to see a young mother sewing...hardly see that anymore. Considering your blog title, I think if anyone needs one of those red cake plates it's you for sure! I'm going when they open at 8 this morning and if there are still two, I'm sending one to you! I'll get back to you with paypal amt by nine, okay?


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