All Sewn Up

Friday, January 29, 2010

As I said yesterday, my friend, Liz, helped me with some photos of my latest projects. Avery helped, for about a second, to steadying the dress form. This one is Farbenmix's pattern, Anna wrap dress, using Heather Bailey's fabrics. I love the versatile apron style of this dress. It's reversible with ties in front or back.
This is another Portabellopixie Analise Dress. I think this is my favorite pattern. Simple, yet interesting. The fabrics are from Lila Tueller and Paula Prass, and the check was just something in my stash.
Delia and Avery kept each other entertained while the mommy's "worked."


  1. I love the Anna wrap dress! I have seen several of these now, but I think this one is my favorite. I see you like ric rack too! Looks great. I love your Analise dress too. I made that dress last year out of Heather Bailey's Pop Garden, and I am with you it is one of my favorite patterns. I used ribbon for the ties in the back. Oh and I just remembered, I used ric rack on it too! It is on my flikr which you can access from my blog, if you are curious.

  2. You do nice work!! This dress is fab!!!!


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