Thursday, February 25, 2010

I've been trying to post some sewing pictures this morning, but blogger is not cooperating with me one bit. I'm posting some other exciting news instead. Todd's job is very unpredictable in a normally irritating way. Yesterday afternoon though, we had a pleasant surprise from his job. Within a couple hours from finding out he needed to be in New York City on Monday, we had two tickets booked and hotel reservations made. His half of the trip will be fully paid for!! Better yet, Omie and Opa have agreed to keep Avery during the trip!!!! We'll be in New York from Sunday to Wednesday. This is our first time to really be away from Avery during her first 20 months. We're super excited! It will be my 5th trip to the city, but Todd's first. Feel free to pass on any recommendations you may have.

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