Easter Dress 2010

Monday, March 29, 2010

I've had this dress completed for quite a while, but I put off posting it. I was trying to decide about adding some additional trims, but I think it will remain as is while my sewing stuff is packed away. I'm getting the itch to stitch though.

This will be Avery's Easter dress. I've used the Analise pattern yet again with a combination of Tanya Whelan's Darla, Sis Boom's Casey Scroll, and Patty Young's Andalucia fabrics. I broke the bottom skirt into strips with only a minor error in placement. I hate those frustrating mistakes.
I'm looking forward to Avery's first Easter egg hunt. Our church is hosting a service at Texas A&M International's Auditorium for Easter, and I am currently baking some cookies for the reception. Snickerdoodles with pink sugar. Yummy!


  1. I like it! You know I have the SAME Tanya fabrics in my stash. I bought 1.5-2 yard cuts last year when it went on sale at Hancocks of Paducah. Where did you find the Casey lime? OH and I have been wanting that ribbon too! Goodness I wish your transfer was here instead of Mississippi! We like so many of the same designers and patterns!

  2. Hello Courtney, I was online searching some ideas for applique on my recent Analise dress...and came across your blog. I have loved looking around and being inspired by your ideas. I LOVE the Anna Wrap dress and googled the Farbenmix patterns...is it true they are in German? If not, where do you buy your copies? THANKS!
    In Christ, Jennie

  3. Jennie, I couldn't find any way to contact you, so I hope you will read this. Thanks for your interest. I'm so flattered that you feel inspired by my little projects. I've used two Farbenmix patterns (Anna Wrap and Vida). You can find both in English from sites like Fabritopia and Banberry Place online. This site also includes some guides http://www.farbenmix.de/anleitungen/anleitungenen.htm. Let me know if I can help in any other ways. Happy sewing!

  4. Thanks Courtney- your reply came straight to my inbox! I will look them up now and BUY - YEAH! I just got a new machine and am eager to try out some new patterns. Portabellopixie are my favs and although I love them - it is time to branch out :) I just finished my second Analise this month (oh wait 3rd - YIKES) I too used it for my girls Easter dresses. Wish I could post a pic for you - but don't know how? Thanks again. I will have to keep my eye on your blog for more inspiration :)

  5. Jennie, I'd love to see your work. Flickr is a great photo hosting sight and you can find my email in my profile. Best of luck with the new patterns!

  6. Super cute! I'm starting sewing lessons soon and am looking forward to making my daughter some gems like this one. Well maybe not as polished, mine will be noticeably handmade. haha- Thanks again for sharing!


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