Rock My World

Wednesday, March 17, 2010

It's spring break here in Laredo this week, and the city decided to hold a kite festival. They had absolutely beautiful weather for it, so a few of us decided to enjoy the day.
So, on to the big news of the day. We're moving. Not a small move, but a huge move. Today Todd accepted a transfer to Oxford, Mississippi. I must really love this man or I wouldn't be moving halfway across the country (away from my family) to start this new adventure with him. I'm terrified, but trust God to show us His plan. This is all supposed to happen in 90 days, so we will be living in chaos for a bit. If anyone is looking for a home in Laredo, we sure need a buyer!
I'll keep the shop up as long as I can, but most other sewing will probably screech to a halt. Boo!

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