All That Twirls

Thursday, April 15, 2010

So, I was too impatient. I waited for the rain to stop, but the sun didn't quite make it out.

My sister gave me the Sewing Clothes Kids Love book for my birthday. This is the Insa skirt pattern using only the underskirt. I used the ideas from Jona's skirt here. You may recognized all the fabrics from Avery's Easter dress. This was a great way to use up some of those scraps! This one is going in the shop, so I can't wait to pick out some fabrics to make another one for Avery.
Speaking of Jona of Fabritopia, this is her Evelyn Apron skirt pattern that I have used several times before. I used the sweet fabrics from Tula Pink's Plume line. I love the vintage keys hanging from the trees in the main skirt fabric.
I'm listing this one as a custom item in the shop as well.
Okay, it's time to go study that camera manual so I can do more that just use the fully automatic mode. Wish me luck!


  1. So excited for you about your camera! I FINALLY got my copy of THE Book! I went to use my Amazon points to buy it a while back and my hubby earmarked it for himself. Which he never does so I ooudn't complain. So I had to oogle it in the stores for a while! Now I have my own copy. Yay!

  2. Oh darn and I wanted to say I love the skirts! Very cute and yes a great use of scraps indeed!

  3. oh I love those skirst, mostly the first one, so great colors. how do you like you cam, is it like expected?


  4. My daughter just bought me THE Book for my birthday! I love the skirt you made!


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