Amazing Weekend

Monday, May 10, 2010

I'm not sure even where to start about what a great weekend we had. My second cousin's wedding celebration was the reason for our trip up to San Antonio. After checking out the website of the new JW Marriott resort and finding awesome government discounts, we booked an extra night. But, first things first. The reception was perfect with great weather, family, and food. My other cousin's daughter, Landry, and Avery really hit it off. Ring around the Rosie is Avery's favorite activity and Landry was happy to indulge her.




BTW, Landry's Grandmother made her that adorable dress. Isn't it fabulous!?!

The resort was simply wonderful from the fantastic staff, to the lazy river, water slides, and fun kiddie pool. The only drawback was a bit chilly weather, but we certainly made the most of it all.




One of the best parts, was that Avery came to swim and play with us during the day, but Omie and Opa came and got her for the night. How great is that!?!

If you have a chance to stay at the resort, TAKE IT! Today they started welcoming the Texas Open guests and players, so the whole resort was buzzing with activity. Fun times!

I've posted more pictures here for those interested.

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