Monday, July 12, 2010

Well, the time is quickly arriving for us to leave Texas and move to Mississippi. We haven't talked or done much about the impending move until now since our house in Laredo has not sold. Todd is due to start work in Oxford, Mississippi on August 2nd, so we are now in overdrive. We spent two days last weekend in Oxford searching for a rental so we don't have to commit to two mortages.

Oxford is a college town (Ole Miss), so it has a fair share of rentals, but they are very much geared toward college students. We truly saw the good, the bad, and the ugly. This was the second house on our search, and after looking I was forcing back tears. It was old, ugly, and horribly dirty, and the first house had been worse.
Later that first day we visited this house which was an improvement, but not by very much. The first day was beyond disappointing. The first house we visited the next morning began to lift our spirits. It looks like we will be signing a lease here. It's HUGE, but now without drawbacks. We will be replacing the kitchen appliances for a discount in the rent. It is on a county road which means no close neighbors or neighborhood streets for Avery and I to take our morning walks. Everything is quite dated, but I can see lots of potential.

Please keep the sale of our home in your prayers as this will be financially straining. I really can't believe this is all happening so quickly. We'll share more as it developes.

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