Upgrade to Cuteness

Monday, August 16, 2010

Nothing is ever finished when it comes to decorating my home, but I feel the need to report a little progress. When we were searching for a house to rent, we really liked this one, but I hesitated with the kitchen. These appliances were just plane old and grimy. I dreaded the thought of baking cupcakes here, so we proposed a deal with the home owner. In exchange for updating the appliances with the intent to leave them in the house, he would reduce our rent. Bingo! We purchased the appliances at a discounted rate through a friend, saved money, and greatly upgraded the kitchen. One funny "upgrade" was the backsplash behind the oven. We couldn't find a cost effective replacement, so we flipped it around and spray painted it silver. It actually blends right in!
It's funny to me to have a fireplace in the kitchen, but I love having the mantel to decorate.

I'll be adding some curtains, and my wonderful father-in-law has offered to build an island for me, so more is in the works. It just keeps getting better!
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