We Have Arrived

Thursday, August 5, 2010

We made the long journey from Laredo, Texas to Oxford, Mississippi, and we are trying to settle into our new home. The work is slow (with a two year old underfoot) and dirty. The layer of filth on this old house is truly disgusting at times. The heat is at a dangerous levels outside, so we are somewhat confined indoors. I thought Laredo was hot, but it can't touch the heat with humidity here.

I've found a wonderful antique shop and a somewhat disappointing fabric shop. The good news is that the fabric shop has great notions, so I'm not any worse off than I was in Laredo. We discovered a great county road around the corner from us that offers a shaded spot for walking (pictured below). It only gives me about a one mile walk, but that's about all we can handle with the heat. Did I mention just how hot it is?!?Much more to come. We plan on stripping some wallpaper this weekend, so hopefully I'll have some before and after photos soon.
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