An Avery for My Avery

Tuesday, September 14, 2010

Don't you just love it when things just seem to come together perfectly? That's how I feel about this whole outfit. Let me share the history. First, I found the buttons in NYC at M&J Trimming. (Oops, don't look too close at the threads I still need to trim.)

purple avery button

Brooke gave me the adorable pattern with the perfect name for my birthday. The pattern is Avery by Pintucks and Pettiecoats. I love those scallops! I'm always on the look out for cute purple fabric, so this new McKenzie line by Dena Designs really caught my eye.

purple avery

Finally, I found this sweet Gymboree sweater at a consignment sale for $4.

purple avery sweater 2

purple avery sweater

I'm just thrilled with how it all came together.


  1. That turned out so cute! I love how it all turned out! I am dying to go to NYC JUST to go to places like M&J! How did you find them and were other shops with fabric and notions close by?

  2. It is just a perfect ensemble and I cannot believe how cute that cardigan is to go with!

  3. LOVE this!!! Can't wait to see it in person in TWO DAYS!!!

  4. This is so, so sweet. I love your blog, too!


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