All About Babies

Wednesday, September 15, 2010

Hope you like baby pictures, because here comes another one. This little miracle is baby Silas. He is such a precious gift to his parents, my amazing friend Kara and her husband Rick. I love those cheeks! Can you tell how much I love seeing pictures of my handmade gifts in action?!?


  1. Court, I am so flattered to have Silas on your blog. You're a rockin seamstress! -K

  2. I just thought of something... If you are every interested in trading out outfits please let me know. I would love a sewn outfit for Colin and I could do a couple of painted shirts for Avery. I have an Etsy shop with ideas or you can look at my Facebook fan page for Stink Bone Jones Boutique. I have a couple super cute birthday shirts for girls. My initial shirt is the most popular. Just a thought. Thanks! Jaime


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