The Grove

Monday, September 6, 2010

For those not familiar with Ole Miss, the Grove is tailgating central for pregame festivities. Filled with tents (some even sporting chandeliers) and college students dressed to impress, it is nothing like football in Texas. The weather was beautiful, and we enjoyed taking Avery to see the drummers, cheer on the players, and people watch. She has made fast friends with Molly whose family was able to stay with us the night before the game.
Family photo time.
Molly's dad, Matt, is one of Todd's old college buddies. It has been nice to be closer to him and his family since we moved to Oxford. Molly's brother, Bradley, is peeking out of the stroller.
Moms and kiddos returned to our house after the pregame, and the dads went in for the game. Unfortunately the loss was pretty bitter, but we're hoping it doesn't fortell a completely bleak season.
For those interested, I did make Avery's dress for the occasion. It is another Sweet Dress pattern complete with pom pom fringe. The fabrics are from Tanya Whelan (my favorite red) and Michael Miller.

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