Halloween Fun

Thursday, October 28, 2010

I really haven't been sewing much lately, but I certainly have been doing a lot of baking. It started with one of these apple pies for my mom. It's still my favorite pie ever! Then I signed up to bring a baked good for Avery's fall party at Mother's Morning Out. I knew I wanted to make some of these cute owls for the kiddos, so I ordered the sugar eyes right away.


Then we picked up this great recipe magazine at the grocery store. While flipping through it, Avery spotted the candy corn swirl cookies. She said, "Avery want some. Make these Mommy." So, what's a girl to do? I made both! It was fun to get the request from Avery. When they were done, I showed her the picture from the magazine and the cookie. She had the biggest grin, so it was worth it.


Photo from bakerella.com

Avery finally stood still for a moment this morning after she was dressed in her costume for the fall party, so here's one more pic. And yes, I'm still getting ridiculed for the costume selection.


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