Reading Nook

Thursday, October 7, 2010

We did a little home improvement in what is probably the smallest area of the house, but I think it makes a statement. As a reminder, this is the before picture of Avery's room.And, here is her new reading spot. Todd built the shelf for us, and I simply draped oilcloth over it. The metal letters came from various places with the R and A being the latest purchases from Warrenton. I'm searching for the perfect little chandelier or a good way to hang a paper lantern up under the shelf to complete the look, but this is it for now.I couldn't help but post this picture. I am truly blessed with a beautiful family!


  1. I like the reading nook a lot!

  2. Courtney, you are a genius with your sewing, decorating (LOVE the reading nook!), photography & cooking. But you just don't know your colors - orange is orange - burnt is best but others will do - so to counter your W.... - HOOK 'EM! And I am so glad you are getting the lovely color of orange onto your pallate! Love, Great Auntie C


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