Festive Pumpkins

Thursday, November 4, 2010

It was time for a new mantel rotation, so I dressed it up for fall. I'm very lacking in the fall/Thanksgiving decor department, so it's a little skimpy.


I did craft up some fabric pumpkins loosely based on this tutorial by Tatertots & Jello. I love her use of ruffles, but I elected to omit them to show off more of the fabric on mine.


After seeing these, my sister wanted some for her dining room table. I made hers a larger tall skinny version. These are very fast to pull together, so get decorating!


1 comment:

  1. OHMYGOSH!!! Courtney, those are SOOOO cute! I know Casey has always said you are so creative. Now I know she is not kidding. Wanna come to my house the next time you come visit Lane and Casey? I could seriously use some help. Of course, Casey is perfectly cabable too. You can tag team and make my house beautiful!


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