Opa's Black Cows

Saturday, January 22, 2011

I still have pictures that I haven't posted from our Texas trip at Christmas, so here are a few more. One of Avery's favorite things at the ranch are the black heifers currently separated from the larger cows. She constantly asked to go see the cows and feed them fresh hay. This gate gave her the prime viewing spot.



I have to dig up the photos and video from another camera, but there was one such visit that ended with Avery in the pen with the cows. At one point Avery walked up to Opa and said, "I have a question for the cows." She then proceeded to ask if she could go in with them, and she did under close supervision. I know this story would be better with the photos, but I just can't put my hands on that camera at this moment.

Avery, Omie, and I took a long walk down one of the ranch roads that afternoon. Avery was quite a trooper and enjoyed finding rocks and climbing on whatever she could. I adore the joy in this face!

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