Peachy Keen

Thursday, February 10, 2011

It may be snowy outside, but I'm dreaming of the warmer weather that I hope is around the corner. I'm loving this combo of Heather Bailey's Fresh Cut and Fabulous fabrics with Sandi Henderson's Meadowsweet.

abbie and lucia bella

The top is the Abbie pattern by Children's Corner. Let me take a moment here to say that if you are a beginner at sewing do not try a Children's Corner pattern. The instructions are sparse and the pictures are few and weak. I tried to make notes for myself to follow later as I went, but towards the end I'm not even sure if I could repeat what I did in the same way. Somehow, this all came together, but most of that was luck.

abbie collar

I snatched up the pantaloons pattern from Snazziedrawers almost as soon as it was released. I love the idea, and her layered versions are so unique. I'm not sure the fit turned out great though, so we'll see if I'll be getting the seam ripper out again for these. I wanted to show the details at the leg to give an idea of how this came together. I used what was left of the bias trim from making the collar to come up with a bow.

lucia bella bow

I wanted to use the peach lace for my casing, but I didn't want the elastic to show through, so I made a strip of the contrasting fabric to layer the lace with. If anyone wants more details on this just shoot me an email. It's going to have to warm up a bit before I can get good pictures of Avery in this one.

lucia bella lace
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