Camp Gramps

Tuesday, March 22, 2011

I'm bringing you the photo texts we received last week during our Spring Break getaway. Gogo and Gramps held their first ever Camp Gramps. Gogo organized the "camp" which included Avery and cousins Rowan and Porter. From all reports they had fun filled days of musical parades, crafts, swinging, sliding, sandbox playing, and swimming. We are so grateful to have such wonderful Grandparents for these children. The time, energy, and love given is such a blessing for all of us.

While Gramps was off at work, Gogo had two 11 year old "camp counselors" to help out with the kids. Tshirts for the event were included.

grams camp2 @PhotoWonder

grams camp @PhotoWonder

gramps camp3 @PhotoWonder

Avery was happy to see us at our return, but she was not the least bit ready to leave Gogo and Gramp's house the next day. We're hoping this becomes an annual event, but we'll give Gogo and Gramps a chance to recouperate before we bring that up!

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