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Thursday, April 7, 2011

I'm a new fan of the fantastic site pinterest. You can visually display hundereds of websites/pictures to keep track of inspiration and ideas. It's like a "pin board" on the web. I get tired of adding bookmarks for tutorials I want to try or decorating ideas without the pictures to serve as a reminder. The greatest thing is that you add the "pin it" tab to your toolbar and any time you come across something you want to save you just hit the button. It's awesome!!

I'm currently addicted to nursery ideas. (Yep, it's already on the brain.) Here are a few pictures I've pinned to keep handy for later.

I'm loving these alphabet walls.

And check out this ribbon idea.

See what I mean, fun and addicting!


  1. care to share the link to your pinterest page so we can follow you? :) I love pinterest, my page is here:

  2. I guess I am very uncool. I've requested an "invitation" to pinterest weeks ago and have yet to be invited to the party. - Katy

  3. how did you get invited? how do I get invited? do I have to be cool like you?

  4. Court,

    I love the alphabet wall. Have you seen the Kokka Co. Birds and Alphabet Letters fabric, I think it would be a fun nursery print?


  5. I am just catching up on my reading!!!! I love your blog...if you do the alphabet wall let me know...I an R or 10 to spare! :)


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