The Solution

Sunday, April 17, 2011

The solution to my dilemma about giving my friend the dress I loved was pretty easy to solve. I just needed to make another one I loved just as much if not more! This one has my favorite buttons from the vintage bag I scored at Warrenton, and I used some yellow tulle for the ruffle. It turned out bright, sweet, and totally girlie. This is probably going to be Avery's Easter dress this year.

yellow ma cherie

yellow ma cherie bodice

I've had the Jennifer Paganelli Poodle fabric I used for the skirt for quite a while, but I was waiting for the perfect chance to use it. The bodice is by Paula Prass, summer soiree I think.


  1. Oh I would have the problem of not wanting to give EITHER away! I love this too. Love the tulle detail on the bodice.

  2. I love the yellow color on this one, very beautiful!! Both are very beautiful!


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