Knit to Twirl In

Monday, August 29, 2011

Last time I was able to visit Jenny of Sew Pretty Dresses she sent me home with a wonderful gift of knits to sew with. Thanks a million, Jenny! I decided to go out on a limb and try another one of the European Bizzkids patterns (Summer 2009 - 4103). Yikes! The top came together fine, and the skirt came together fine. For the life of me, I could not bring to two parts together. I think my problem came in the instructions when it says, "Let always extrude the extra seam space at the top of the point." Huh? This is definitely not my kind of English.

bizzkids 4103

So, after setting it aside for a week, I elected to cut of the points of the top and skirt, cut a separate waistband, gather the skirt to the band, and sew it to the top. Not my favorite fix, but once the dress is on Avery, you hardly notice the band. The skirt on this one has miles of twirl in it which makes for one happy little lady. If I was smart, I would steer clear of these Euro patterns, but I love so many of the looks. Let's hope for better luck next time.


  1. You are welcome! It turned out really cute! I think the band is just fine and you are right you don't notice it at all when Avery is wearing it. You know you could embellish the band with fabric flowers or ribbon or something fun if you want! Even like a really structured flat bow out of the knit off to the side would be super cute! Sort of work it into your own. Good work girl! What can you do with that kind of instruction!?

  2. Well, the dress came out really great, I love your fabric choice.
    I know what you mean about the Euro patterns.. They are great! but the instructions... not so much... :-)O


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