Not So Blank

Monday, August 8, 2011

Remember the start of our nursery redo here where I told you we had a blank canvas. Well, it's not so blank anymore!!


We purchased the wall decals from this etsy shop. They were super easy to work with, and they sent swatches of their vinyl for me to pick out the perfect shade. The decals are easy to apply; however, laying out our design was slightly more complicated. My only piece of advice is to work with a super patient partner who loves you. Luckily I happened to have one of those on hand!

I've been working on so many projects at once, that it's a bit crazy around here. As you can see, I've gone a bit wild with some watermelon spray paint. (If this baby somehow ends up being a boy, we're in big trouble.) Hopefully, I'll have some full reveals before too long.

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