On the Mend

Monday, October 10, 2011

It's been one week since Avery's surgery to remove her tonsils, and boy what a week it has been. According to the doctor, all went smooth as far as the surgery went. He was completely correct in telling us that the recovery would get worse before it got better. The first couple of days were ok. Then, as things got more painful for her, I got a stomach bug to top off the week. Let me tell you, nausea and vomiting with a baby kicking around inside is no fun! Todd has been such a trooper and MAJOR help dealing with his sick girls. These smiles are somewhat limited these days, and she sounds like a whole different girl without those big tonsils. We can't wait until the healing really settles in and things can get back to a little more normal. Oh, but wait 2 weeks from today we'll have a new baby in the house! So much for normal!!

baby nay amelie

sweet smile

A little note on Avery's outfit: It's another one of the Farbenmix Amelie patterns using a Baby Nay print from Banberry Place. I also embellished the plain black leggings with the ruffle detail.
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