Don’t Count ‘Em Out

Thursday, March 29, 2012

I am often asked if I sew ALL of my kid’s clothing, and the answer is absolutely not. However, our clothing budgets certainly don’t have a lot of excess in them. When the consignment sales hit the convention center I try to maximize the bang for my buck. Here’s a little tip if you sew, don’t count out those sweet monogrammed dresses and tops. They can be super cheap since the market for a specific name or initial is limited. This Patsy Aiken (Chez Ami) dress is a great example. It probably retailed for around $43 and it is still in excellent condition.


I think I paid $3 for it. A little strategically placed applique work, and we have a great nearly new dress for summer. (I know the color looks crazy different in the two photos, but it’s only the light. They really are the same dress!)


Tandy didn’t get left out either. This sweet blank outfit was screaming for added cuteness.


So go get your shop on!

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