Easter Blues

Saturday, March 17, 2012

These soft blues were just meant for my girls and their pretty blue eyes. I am so grateful to have the time this week to pull together two Easter dresses while Avery was away at Camp Gramps. (She’s on her way home now. Woohoo!) The pattern is Lydia from Pink fig. The fabrics are from two of Tanya Whelan’s lines, French Hat Box and Sugar Hill. The little apron is a Michael Miller Ta Dot.


If anyone is wondering where the apron is for Tandy’s dress, it was my big oopsie. I sewed up the cute itty bitty thing, then forgot to sew it in. Yep, stitched, serged, and topstitched then I see the apron waiting on the table over to the side. I wasn’t willing to turn back at that point. It think Todd prefers it without, so I guess we’ve struck a good balance.

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