Project Run & Play Sew Along–Week 6

Thursday, May 17, 2012

I’ve officially had the most frustrating week sewing ever. After the high of last week’s outfit, I just crashed. It started with an outfit for Tandy in which I was working as a pattern tester for a designer. Nothing was really working for me. Then over half way through, I tried it on Tandy, and it was just too small. I don’t usually give up in the middle of a project, but this one I did.

With the wind blown out of my sails, I started my Project Run & Play outfit for this week. The finale is supposed to be a design based on your signature style. I was trying to tackle the challenge and Avery’s birthday outfit all in one. As far as how this fits with my signature style, I would say it’s all about the ruffles. I also love to try out new styles and techniques. This outfit is a combination of knit and quilting cotton which are my favorite mediums to work with. I’m not going to say these results are a complete failure, but I was hoping for something a bit better. It just wasn’t my week.

I read about this technique for fabric ribbon dying over on Pinterest, and knew I would end up applying it to clothing. Here are my dip-dyed bias strips ready to lay out to dry. I bought a four pack of fabric paint, so the orange and purple are hand mixed.


I used the petti romper pattern by Snazziedrawers. The rainbow look is meant to go with Avery’s request for a unicorn birthday party this year.


The ruffles ended up a little stiff even though the package of paint ensured it would not be. I’m in love with this rainbow fold over elastic from Fabric Hound. The sequin flower is actually one of Avery’s hair clips I grabbed on the way out the door.


I may not be super thrilled with these results, but I’m beyond excited that I completed each of the Project Run & Play challenge weeks. I tried new things and got creative in new ways. The challenge of completing each outfit, getting it photographed, and then posting for all of you pushed me as well. (Especially this week, since Avery’s Mother’s Morning Out class has ended for the year. Insert sad face here!) Be sure to check out the final contestant’s outfits tomorrow and the other sew along participants for this last week of submissions.

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