Thursday, June 28, 2012

Mud + Running, count me out!! Todd, however, takes on the challenge then cranks it up a notch or two. Luvmud is an obstacle/mud race benefitting Habitat for Hope in Memphis, TN. “Habitat for Hope is a committed group of volunteers and staff who work to form community around families who have traveled to the mid-south to receive medical care for their children.  They exist to support, serve, and care for families facing the serious or long-term illness of a child.”

Todd and Matt have teamed up for this adventure 3 times now, and they have managed to become legends. Their first costumes and pre-mudpit pose ended up as the promotional image for the events that followed. (Yes, we are talking billboards, life size cutouts, and this year’s tshirts!) Needless to say, they have to keep up their image, so each event they manage to scheme up a new interesting costume. This event featured the Super Troopers. Get a load of these crazy guys!


Future participants and all around Daddy supporters loved checking out the action at the mud pit.


Of course, these besties would have had fun just about anywhere.


If you are in the Memphis area, check out the next Luvmud event in September. Head out for the fun and support an awesome cause. Keep a lookout for what these guys will come up with next!

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