A Rainbow Unicorn Party to Remember

Monday, June 18, 2012

Avery’s enthusiasm for this party was infectious. The only thing better than planning and creating a fun party for our favorite four year old, is doing it all for two sweet girls. Riley and Avery (and Todd) all share the same birthday, so it was perfect to celebrate together. The girls ran around holding hands and giggling almost the entire time. Of course, I want to share a bit of our day with you!

It was so nice to have another creative mommy bring all of this together. Riley’s mom, Jessica, made wonderful glittery horn party hats for all of the guests.


These Magic Nuudles made for a fun, nearly mess free craft.


Jessica was also responsible for this beautiful rainbow fruit display.


As well as horns and clouds (bugles and popcorn) for a salty snack. The food labels were made from left over party invitations. Mary Jo of ‘What’s Inside Designs’ did such a great job with the invitations that we had to make the most of them!!


Most of the party d├ęcor centered around this mantel and dessert table. Pictures of our girls kept it personal and I scattered in the glittered rainbow unicorns. The most frugal aspect of this party was incorporating the rainbow color scheme by using my fabric scraps. I used fabric scraps for the wreath, number four, garlands, table cover (tutorial coming soon), and even confetti on the table top. The fabric flowers on the wreath and garland were attached with hair clips so they could double as party favors. Gotta love multi-purpose!


I really didn’t get into the theme of this party until I started making the desserts. Somehow everything is cuter in rainbow hues!


Especially jello! I scored these adorable glasses a while back at a garage sale. When they asked if I wanted the brandy sniffers, I think I actually replied that no I wanted the dessert cups. I guess it is just a matter of perspective! Back to the jello, I found the instructions here. Difficult no, time consuming YES. Totally worth it!!


Mason jar cupcakes are definitely the way to go when you want to see these fun layers. When the jars were full, I had plenty of batter left over to make up mini cupcake in every hue. The fun candies came from Target. A great way to dress up glass cake stands is to fill the stems with coordinating colored candy for any party.


Here are the real stars of the show!!


Aren’t they the sweetest!?!


Pin the horn on the unicorn made for another fun activity.


Avery dug in to each and every dessert! YIKES!


Along with the flower hair clips, the guests took home some horn treats. These were candy coated ice cream cones dusted with sanding sugar. (Just in case they needed just a bit more sugar! I think my party invitations may need to come with warning labels!) Just about every detail of this party was inspired by something I found on Pinterest, so if you want to check out all of the sources you can find my unicorn party board here.


The girls were so blessed to share the day with such wonderful friends and family. They are certainly easy to celebrate!

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