Bloom ‘n Cat

Thursday, July 5, 2012

A good knit makes all the difference when sewing. I found another one to love from Banberry Place, and there is still more in the shop. I couldn’t resist this fun little paisley. The pattern is the Bloom dress from Sewing Modkid Style, and I went with a sleeveless version.


For the applique, Patty instructs you to make one bloom then cut it in half for each side of the dress. I used a Jennifer Paganelli dot for the petals and a Paula Prass chevron for the center.


Now, about that cat. Do you see the black cat in the background that Bella seems to be befriending? We can’t seem to get rid of it! It just showed up one day, and never seems to leave. We have refused to feed it hoping the cat will return from where it came from. Bella, who hates little dogs, can’t seem to get enough of this cat. The cat does nothing but indulge the dog. The cat also loves to rub up against us when ever we go outdoors, and it has even managed to weasel it’s way indoors a couple of times. We’ve tried to find room for it at a no kill shelter to no avail. I’m ready to be done with that darn cat!! Feel free to leave me advice. Avery is attempting to give it a name, so something must be done!


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