First Day of Pre-K

Friday, August 10, 2012

Shop for school supplies – check

Label school supplies – check

Order school uniforms – check

Order more uniforms (regular, chapel day, and p.e. day) - check

Meet the teacher – check

Send our little munchkin off to school – check

Yes, I shed a few tears, with out her knowledge of course. I’m just so proud of how big this girl is getting. She showed no fear heading into a brand new school on her first day.


When asked, she was most excited to see her teachers, meet new friends, and have snack time.


Her very first day she was able to help the teacher pass out snacks.  Last night she was excited to tell me that the square with her name on it where she sits for story time is yellow. I love getting the details piece by tiny piece. I haven’t been able to glean much more info than that.

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