Snack Sack (Reuse those Monograms!)

Friday, August 17, 2012

I’ve posted before about upcycling consigned monogrammed clothing to use for your own. How about reusing your old monograms? Around here monograms cost $8 a pop. I can buy a whole yard of fabric for $8, and you know I love to buy me some fabric.

Let me take a moment to explain how this particular project came about. Avery’s class has been discussing the letter M and manners this week. To end the week they had a tea party today where they were expected to perform their very best manners. (Love this school already!) We usually do the drop off thing with Avery, and Todd has primarily been taking her. However, I made muffins for the tea party today, and walked Avery in to class to deliver them. I discovered that one of the very first tasks the children are responsible for is to remove their snacks from their tote and place it in a large snack bin. Well, apparently Avery has been placing her labeled ziploc baggy in with everyone else’s super cute lunch bag. After my brief super-bad-mom moment, I came home to rectify the situation.

I needed a monogram ASAP, no 3-5 day delay to take fabric to a shop for monogramming would work. Solution: use what we’ve got! Avery hasn’t used this sippy cup in ages, and it has a cute bit of fabric with a monogram on it!

snack bag1

I slipped out the fabric, removed the backing, and trimmed it down to size. Then, appliqued the piece of fabric just as I normally would.

snack bag4

Take a deep breath. Situation under control. Disaster averted. Oh wait, that is just me getting over my moment.

snack bag2

I used a little purse pattern from Sew Pretty Christmas Homestyle for this bag, and I like the rounded lines. I swapped out the button for Velcro to make it easy access. The exterior fabric is by Paula Prass, and the interior is a Michael Miller Ta dot.

snack bag3

Come Monday, Avery will be snacking in style. I’m seeing more repurpose projects using old monogrammed bloomers and other clothing. Don’t throw out those little treasures!!

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