Heisman to Haberdashery - NYC

Friday, December 14, 2012

This is going to be the most random post about our trip to NYC. We hit a wide range of activities and I’m just highlighting a few things (even though there are quite a few pictures.) After eating Thai food the first night, we made our way to the Best Buy theatre to see if there was any action outside while they were announcing the Heisman trophy winner. Yes, an odd attraction for a group of girls traveling to NYC, BUT how could we miss an opportunity to show our Aggie support should Johnny “Football” win! Casey was the ring leader and brought along the flag just in case. It turned out to be a hit, and if you watched the Heisman awards, you may have seen us just before the closing credits on ESPN.


Here he is in lights on Time Square. Gig’em!


Christmas in NYC is such a unique experience. From the pop up Christmas tree stands in the middle of the city to the wonderfully dressed shop windows, everything is marked with the season.


Lord & Taylor happened to be our favorite widow display. Each window portrayed such different and detailed scenes.


Our hotel was right around the corner from Bryant park. So lovely!


Almost every park (including Bryant Park pictured below) had a pop-up holiday market. These markets ended up being our favorite shopping stops with their unique products and artists. Our favorites were at Grand Central Station and Union Square.


Ah, the food. The food in New York is so much a part of the experience for us. This was the trip of the waffles. Not sure, if that is the new fad or what, but it did not disappoint. Max Brenner’s Chocolate Bar was a huge hit for the meal and dessert. I had a waffle sandwich with apples and prosciutto for lunch followed by the most wonderful s’more sundae for dessert. That toasted marshmallow fluff still makes my mouth water! Casey’s waffle banana split was a hit as well.


Eataly was another fun stop. It is a full Italian market with beautiful food in every corner and 7 restaurants dispersed throughout. The fresh pastas were amazing!


Back to the waffles, we hit Waffles and Dinges twice it was so good. Normally they serve up their sugary delights curbside in trucks, but they had a booth set up in most of the holiday markets. The best thing to order is the waffle topped with their signature Spekuloos cookie spread and whipped cream, also known as The Throw Down (named after their winning combination from the show with Bobby Flay).



Shopping is always on our agenda, and Mackenzie Childs made for a really fun stop. The holidays are just so much fun to experience with these over the top store displays!


A trip to New York is not complete without a little theatre. Mom treated us to tickets to Once and the Rockettes. Once was such a unique show, and I can highly recommend it.


Other beautiful sights include the wall of buttons at M&J Trimmings and the lovely wall of vintage sewing machines in a fun clothing store.



A reader left me a note to visit a Japanese bookstore near Bryant park, Kinokuniya Bookstore. I found a couple of cute trinkets for Avery and purchased my first Japanese sewing book. Thanks Nelissa!! If anyone has tips for sewing with Japanese patterns, please pass them along!

I can’t thank my mom enough for taking us on this adventure. The time away and together was invaluable.

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