St. Paddy’s Day Shirt to Skirt + Necklace

Thursday, March 14, 2013

Since St. Patrick’s day is around the corner and emerald is the color of the year, I went in search for some of it in my stash. I couldn’t find emerald exactly until I dug through my giveaway pile. I really like this shirt, but the fit was just wrong.


Gaining a sweet skirt and matching necklace out of it made me glad I could extend it’s life with us.



In case you have any similar shirts with detailed necklines, I’ve put together a few instructions on how I accomplished this necklace. First,  cut around the embroidery detail leaving about 1/2” of fabric. Cut the straps away from the back of the shirt.


Next, roughly cut a piece of felt to match the outline of the embroidery.


Working in sections, hot glue the felt to the back of the embroidered piece. I folded the excess fabric under as I went. Just make sure any raw fabric edges get tucked under.


Continue folding and gluing around the entire piece.


Then, trim away any felt that shows from the front.


Here is a picture of the finished back.


Determine the length you want for the necklace and trim the straps. Fold under one end 1/4” then 1/4” again as you would a hem. Stitch near the fold. Attach a button.


At the other end, fold under 1/4” then fold again leaving a loop large enough to fit over your button. Stitch near the fold.


Enjoy your new accessory!!


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