Project Run & Play Sew Along – Glam Shorts

Thursday, April 18, 2013

It’s the final week of Project Run & Play, and the theme of the week is spring formal wear. Can shorts ever be considered formal wear? Well, how about if you add a little shiny gold into the mix? When I saw these gold trimmed shorts, I pinned them wondering where in the world I could get gold bias tape. Not having a local Jo Ann's, I had no idea it was readily available. My mom came to my rescue and sent along both single and double fold gold bias tape.

Now, I personally think gold trimmings kick everything up a notch. I started with a basic shorts outline and drafted rounded edges, pockets and a new waistband. I referred back to this shorts tutorial for sewing up the shorts legs.



Just for a bit more sparkle, I painted on some gold glitter dots to a basic white tank around the neckline.




Linking up to Train to Crazy and Girl.Inspired.


  1. Shorts can totally be formal. They look great!

  2. Such an awesome detail! I'm pretty sure glittery/shiny-ness can make anything formal ;D

  3. Shorts formal? You better believe it!!! Especially if they are trimmed in gold!!! These are awesome!!!!


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