Project Run & Play Sew Along – Pleated Shoulder Detail

Thursday, April 11, 2013

We’ve arrived at week three of Project Run & Play with a theme of “It’s all in the details.” I love the details you can add to a sewn garment to really make it your own. My head kind of spun with ideas of pintucks, piping, and trims. Then, I stumbled across this cool shoulder detail from a European blog, and decided to make it happen. So, here you have a twisted, pleated shoulder panel made out of stripes to really make those twists pop.



I really love the extra dimension this technique gives.


I used the Farbenmix Antonia pattern which already included a shoulder accent pattern piece, but here’s a little tutorial for getting those twisted pleats. Using a striped fabric makes this super easy, but you could also draw equally spaced lines on a solid fabric to make your pleats. I started with a fabric piece that would be large enough to cut my pattern piece after it was all pleated. First, start sewing your pleats by folding the fabric wrong sides together along one of the stripes.


Sew along the next stripe over. Keep pinning and sewing stripes together until the fabric piece is all pleated. Just keep your spacing equal.


Press the pleats at the top to one side. Then, press the pleats at the bottom to the opposite side.


Trace your pattern piece on your pleated fabric.


Baste the pleats in place just inside your traced line making sure the pleats stay twisted in the direction you want them.


Cut your pattern piece on the traced line.


Sew your pleated pattern piece according to the pattern instructions.

I think this is a fun look for girls or boys. I also think this technique would work well for reverse applique on tshirts. Have fun with it!

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