DIY Book Page Backdrop

Thursday, May 30, 2013

I’ve been sewing on paper once again, and this project is so easy I just had to share. I usually wrap this old crumbly cork board in fabric to use as a backdrop at parties like I did here and here. This time I wanted something a bit more neutral but still interesting.


I went with book pages. I’ll show you how easy this can be. I purchased my cork board a while back at Hobby Lobby, and I kept this book around for craft purposes. I cut pages out with an X-acto knife.


Then I placed them end to end overlapping about 1/2” and sewed a straight line 1/4” from the edge of the paper.


I used gold thread here to continue with my color scheme for Avery’s birthday party.


I ended up needing 4 pages sewn together to wrap around my cork board.


I wrapped each column around the top and bottom of the cork board slightly overlapping the sides. I off set the columns so the sewn rows would not align.


Then, I secured each end with a push pin on the back side.


To avoid any gaps between the columns, I used some glue dots to tack down the edges.


I told you it was easy! I’ll be using this as a backdrop for a party, but it can easily serve as a great photo backdrop as well.


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