Her First Maxi

Thursday, May 16, 2013

In all honesty the shorts I made Avery here and here have yet to be worn beyond the photo shoot. I know they will get worn during the summer months, but this girl craves dresses. The more twirl the better. I knew she would love a maxi dress, but I wasn’t going to invest in another pattern when I have so many yet to sew. The day after thinking these very thoughts, I received Pink Fig’s pattern of the month in my inbox. To my delight it was a gorgeous maxi, the Bloomshine Maxi. I immediately set to sorting through fabrics to find the perfect mix and quantities. It may have been a bit embarrassing if anyone had walked in the door with the little piles of fabric I had strewn about. I ended up with a fun mix of Riley Blake and Sis Boom.


Like I said, I jumped right into cutting fabrics for this one. Well, part way in to sewing that bottom tier, I realized it ends up being 15 feet of fabric. I almost abandoned ship, but I couldn’t waste the fabric or face the disappointment on Avery’s face. I carried on so thankful for a ruffler foot on my sewing machine.


Boy does it twirl!!


Avery thinks it is “long like a princess dress.” She tends to sway and sing if she ever stands still long enough.


The only change I made to the pattern was for the straps. I ended up criss-crossing and weaving them together at the back. Love it!!


This size 5 fit perfect on Avery. By the way, the size range is awesome for this pattern from 2T to Missy 16. Just to make things easier on myself, I think I would make that bottom tier the same width as the middle tier next time. I still think there would be plenty of twirl factor!

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