Happy 5th Birthday, Avery!

Tuesday, June 18, 2013


On your fifth birthday there are a few things I would like to remember about you….

  1. Your smile still lights up a room.
  2. Your laugh is contagious.
  3. You can be a wonderful helper.
  4. Crafting and art are your favorite activities.
  5. You say “Hi” to anyone you pass.
  6. You make friends easily.
  7. You have my sweet tooth.
  8. You love having books read to you.
  9. You’re still a Daddy’s girl.
  10. You enjoy making up songs and singing to your own tune.
  11. I love you to pieces!!

And to Todd who is such a good sport about Avery stealing his birthday thunder the moment she was born…


I love the way your girls have stolen your heart. I love how in all your masculinity, you embraced our girly selves and even sport the occasional pink shirt. You are a football fanatic, Ole Miss Rebel to the core, endurance enthusiast, best friend, princess dance partner, amazing father, and Godly leader of our family. We are blessed by you every day. Happy Birthday to you!!

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