Inspired by Tea Collection

Thursday, July 11, 2013

It feels so good to be behind my sewing machine again!! Between the birthday party, vacation, and kiddos out of school, it’s a bit harder to squeeze in some sewing time. I’ve had this dress in mind to sew for quite a while now, so I’m glad to mark it off my list. It is heavily inspired by this dress from Tea Collection. The navy & white stripe knit from Banberry Place is just as soft and comfy as you find in Tea Collection clothes.


The basic pattern I started with is a European Bizzkids pattern (Summer 2009 – 4103). I’ve made a version of this pattern for Avery each summer for the last 3 years. I guess it has become a tradition! You can find the previous two here and here.


For the fun V shaped bodice, I used tips from Rachel’s Striped Dress tutorial. Just don’t look too close at my stripes! Things get a little tricky when you are working with stretchy fabrics.


Avery couldn’t wait to wear this dress! In fact, it still had some of my disappearing ink marks showing when she put it on. At our More Than a Meal / VBS event, Avery offered to pray for their group. I was told that she thanked God for her friends there and for her Mommy being a good sewer to make her dress. I am more proud of her repeated offer to pray before her group than the sweet compliment, but I’m take both!!



  1. Oh, love this stripey-dress! and how you aligned the stripes nicely, so well done!

  2. How cute! This sweet dress and her heart of thanksgiving is beautiful! Great job on both.

  3. I am now getting a chance to look at this, I was at the beach most of the day... I do follow your blog via email, but appreciate you stopping by my blog to let me know about this. And I have to say that I prefer your version! And how sweet of your daughter to say that she is thankful for a mom who is a good sewer!

  4. so darling! I'm a big fan of Tea Collection, and so love it when I see a great knock-off, as yours is. Great job!!

  5. Ooh...I love the stiped v bodice. And I think your stripe matching is great!

  6. This dress turned out so cute! I checked out your two other versions of this dress, and while they were cute, too, this one is even better. I love the contrasting red at the neck (and shoes).


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