DIY Washi Tape Beads

Tuesday, August 13, 2013

I came across these photos from Avery’s Pancakes and Pearls birthday party, and I realized I had meant to post a little tutorial on how to make the washi tape beads we used in our candy necklaces. Better late than never.

I had wanted to try to color coordinate all of the candy for the necklaces with the color scheme of the party, but soon realized that would be too complicated and probably less fun for the kiddos. The least I could do was provide a little color coordinated filler and hang a little sample necklace. It would satisfy my OCD anyway! You can certainly use these beads for any necklace. They are not reserved for candy alone!

Washi Tape Beaded Necklace

The supplies needed for the washi tape beads are washi tape and straws. So simple! Try to use a light colored straw, so nothing will show through the tape. Mine are from Ikea, and they are also a bit skinnier than a typical straw.

Washi Tape Bead Supplies

Start at the end of your straw, and wrap the tape around the straw. I wrapped the tape around twice to double it up for a less transparent look.

Washi Wrapped Straw

Trim your straw at the edge of the tape. If your tape has an uneven edge, just trim the tape and straw together.

Washi Wrapped Straw

Repeat about 50+ times in various colors, and you have some pretty beads to thread on your fancy necklace.

Washi Tape Beads

Just be sure to note that they are not edible if you include them with other candy necklace supplies!

Washi Tape Beads Candy Necklace

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