Happy 2nd Birthday Tandy

Thursday, October 24, 2013

Happy Birthday Tandy!!




On your second birthday there are a few things I would like to remember about you….

  1. You love animals, especially dogs and cows.
  2. You love music, and it can have a calming affect on you.
  3. You love to dance.
  4. You can be pretty shy at times, but you warm up quickly.
  5. Depending on your mood, you either love or hate bath time.
  6. You are a daddy’s girl.
  7. You avoid breakfast unless its yogurt which you proceed to make a total mess with.
  8. You want to do everything your sister does.
  9. Your favorite movie is Mary Poppins.
  10. Your favorite tv show is Sofia the First. I love how you chant “Fia, Fia” when you want to watch it.
  11. You love to carry a purse on your shoulder with your hand high in the air.
  12. You’d carry your three loveys and a pacifier around all day if we let you.
  13. You don’t use many words yet, but you seem to use complete sentences that make perfect sense to you alone.
  14. You have a gift for making us smile.
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