Mary Poppins Costume Times Two

Thursday, October 10, 2013


I guess presenting two versions of Mary Poppins as costumes requires a bit of an explanation. Tandy’s absolute favorite movie seems to be Mary Poppins. She may not have told us in so many words, but we can tell from her response to the movie and ability to watch it on repeat on road trips. So, we have decided to throw her a totally Mary birthday party at the end of the month. Since it precedes Halloween so closely, we thought costumes might be in order. I tried to convince Avery to be some other character from the movie, but she would not have it. So, I present our two sides of Mary Poppins.


Tandy’s Mary Poppins costume is inspired by the Jolly Holiday scenes in the movie.


I love to hit thrift stores for costume accessories, and I scored bit with a few trips. The hat came from one such shop. It is a tad big, so I put some batting in the top and sewed in two strips of tulle to tie under Tandy’s chin.


The umbrella was huge score from Goodwill. It came complete with a stand. I crack up ever time I try to think of it’s original purpose. It’s certainly perfect for our little Mary!


She swapped accessories on me here, but I wanted to show the back of the dress as well. The pattern I used is the Farbenmix Josefin. It has very puffed sleeves with long cuffs that suit Mary’s version so well. I flipped the facings to the outside to add the piping accents. The belt is actually part of the pattern as well. I simply divided the front of the belt into sections to add the vertical white piping accents.


This brings us to Avery’s version of Mary Poppins as she arrives to Cherry Tree Lane. Again, the accessories make this one! I purchased the adorable umbrella from The Playbill Store with the thought of selling it on eBay after Halloween to recoup the cost. It is so darn cute though, we may have to keep it! Avery’s grandmother scored the ideal carpet bag during her thrift store hunts. It will make the perfect candy bag for Halloween.


The hat was another Goodwill find I embellished.


Do you recognize the white fabric daisies? They came from the cape used for the garden gnome costume and the daisy costume. Talk about repurposing!!


I once again used the opportunity to sew a nice coat for Avery that won’t be recognizable as part of a costume after the fact. The pattern is Dear My Kids Stylish Double Breasted Coat. I used a navy fleece from Chez Ami for the main fabric and some Flower Sugar for the lining. The red piping just barely peeks out from the thick fleece.


So there you have it! Two Mary Poppins costumes for Halloween. We’ll see if Daddy can work up a Bert costume, and I may swing something for Mrs. Banks.


The birthday party is sure to be practically perfect in every way, so be sure to check back for all of those details!


  1. I LOVE this! One year I tried to convince my kids to go as Mary Poppins and Bert, but they wouldn't agree. This is one of my all time favorite movies (well, and the Sound of Music). Super cute costumes!

    1. Don't you hate when they don't want any part of your vision! Can't win them all!

  2. This is such a cute idea! I love the two different versions!

  3. Just so cute! I love your birthday parties! Tandy is just cracking me up! Avery is getting so big. Both so beautiful!

    1. Oh girl! I couldn't believe any of these pictures actually turned out. Tandy was a mess! Trying to get them both holding the umbrellas at the same time was a bit crazy!

  4. Both of your Mary versions are so adorable! You definitely rocked the thrift store finds, and I love that you made a coat that you can reuse for the rest of the season. Awesome job!

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